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Rachel Murphy

What Rachel enjoys the most about Shiatsu is the humanness of it, connecting with a person on a deeper level, meeting in their vulnerability, or wherever they are at, and together exploring what they need.

Rachel studied Shiatsu at the Bristol School of Shiatsu, graduating at the end of 2021. During her three and a half year training she learnt both the Five Elements approach to Shiatsu and Zen Shiatsu. The Bristol School uniquely focuses on Transformational Shiatsu, believing that healing arises in the context of the relationship between giver and receiver. It is in the quality of our touch and our presence that the shiatsu can be experienced as truly powerful.

Rachel is passionate about developing her own self-awareness and inner transformation in order to open up the possibilities in her Shiatsu. She loves the holistic nature of Shiatsu and takes the time to understand where clients are both on a physical and emotional level.

Rachel works on a futon on the floor and uses finger pressure, the meridians, movement of the body, the breath and her intuition, to help the receiver’s body to release what is stuck and address the areas in need of nourishment. She sometimes uses Five Elements acupressure points and barefoot Shiatsu during her practice.


Rachel has a more nourishing, yin touch than some traditional Shiatsu practitioners, but that seems to be what her clients love. She is particularly passionate about women’s health and wellbeing, pregnancy and postnatal care.

With a deep love of nature, Rachel enjoys getting outdoors and can often be seen practicing qi gong around Mount Maunganui beach or even up the Mount.

020 4124 0901

Tauranga, Bay of Plenty

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