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Astrid Bunne-Namdari

-  Zen Shiatsu Diploma

-  Somatic Movement Therapy Diploma

-  Counselling Cert.

-  MA Psychology


I engage in listening to the wisdom of the body through dialogue and touch. The body is always honest and teaches us the truth of ourselves. Shiatsu is a relational therapy where both client and practitioner are active in the healing and learning process. I accompany clients to become aware of their sensations, emotions and thoughts on a path of self education.


Integration and internal unity can only happen once we become aware of the various and diverse aspects of ourselves and accept them for what they are. My aim is to help each individual get back in touch with their own unique potential, talents and beauty. I work in an exploratory way and sometimes combine Shiatsu with Somatic work.


I welcome clients from all backgrounds and I am particularly interested in working with trauma, psychosomatic issues, women’s health, pregnancy and infants

021 352 334

Rotorua, Bay of Plenty

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