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Autumn Falk

Shiatsu Practitioner & Teacher, Naturopath & Medical Herbalist

Autumn studied at the 'Shiatsu School Kreuzberg' in Berlin under teachers Harald Gierl and Chris Saleski, who are strongly influenced by Master Ohashi (Ohashiatsu) and Pauline Sasaki (Quantum Shiatsu). Autumn completed her 3-year Shiatsu training in 2009, shortly after graduating as a naturopath and medical herbalist.


Shiatsu styles practiced are:

  • Zen Shiatsu

  • Ohashiatsu

  • Barefoot Shiatsu

Autumn works in a traditional style on a futon on the floor. 


Autumn is passionate about Shiatsu and treating her clients holistically. Being a medical herbalist and naturopath, she integrates this knowledge into her Shiatsu treatments and brings the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) foundations of Shiatsu into her herbalist consultations. She has also studied Rongoa Maori, therapeutic massage, and iridology.


Autumn supports her clients to health and well-being by guiding them through their physical, mental-emotional, and spiritual processes, for which she sees Shiatsu as a tool. Her clients bring varied symptoms, ailments, and stories to the session, to be addressed holistically.


In 2020, Autumn founded Shiatsu Bodywork Academy, where she teaches Shiatsu courses (Introduction to diploma level training).

I also offer other consultations separately, so please check out my website.

027 293 1430

​Katikati, Bay of Plenty


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