Naturopath and Shiatsu Practitioner

Kia ora,
my name is Autumn Falk. I feel honoured to live in New Zealand after having moved here with my partner in 2009. We live in the beautiful Bay of Plenty.
  I studied at the 'Shiatsu School Kreuzberg' in Berlin under my teachers Harald Gierl and Chris Saleski, who are strongly influenced by Master Ohashi. I finished my 3-year Shiatsu training in early 2009, shortly after graduating as a naturopath.
  The Shiatsu styles I practice are Zen Shiatsu, Ohashiatsu and barefoot Shiatsu.
Shiatsu is an art - flowing and expression.
Shiatsu is healing - deep and nourishing.
Shiatsu is breathing - in and out and feeling the gap

I feel passionate about giving Shiatsu and treating my clients holistically. I integrate my knowledge of naturopathy, herbal medicine, traditional chinese medicine (TCM), rongoa maori and my studies and experience in therapeutic massages into my Shiatsu treatments.

I also offer other consultations separately, so please check out my website. Shiatsu is for relaxation, awareness, mobilisation and pain relief.


027 293 1430

Cypress Street 2/12


Tauranga 3110