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What is the hara?

In shiatsu the hara is our physical and energetic centre and is a very important aspect in a shiatsu treatment for both the practitioner and receiver.

Located just under the navel, above the pubic bone. In the chakra system it is the solar plexus.


What are Yin and Yang?

Often described as the mountain and its shadow: where the sun hits the mountain it is yang (warm, dry, sunny), the shadow side is yin (cool, shady, damp). As the sun moves so do the yin and yang sides of the mountain.

When we workout we produce heat (yang), comparatively when we read we are in a yin state.

Balance in our lives (diet, exercise, work, emotions) allow more balance of yin and yang and contribute to the smooth flow of ki in our body and mind.

Shiatsu - What is Ki, Qi, Chi?

What is ki?

Ki (Japanese), also known as Qi and Chi (Chinese), or Prana in ayurvedic practices.


It is life force energy.

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What are tsubos?

Tsubos (= acupressure point) are points along the meridians where the ki energy is strongest. Accessing these can assist with various health issues such as headaches and nausea.

Acupuncturists locate specific tsubo points to access and stimulate the ki with needles, in shiatsu a practitioner will use their body to apply pressure to meridians and tsubos.

Shiatsu Nz - FAQ's - What is a meridian?

What is a meridian?

Meridians are like energy pathways where ki moves through. Free flow of ki through these pathways is essential for good health.

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What is 5 element theory?

5 element theory is used to describe interactions and relationships between all things in us and the universe.

Wood, fire, earth, metal, and water each have a corresponding sense organ, emotion, body tissue, season, flavour, and yin and yang organ.

It is used by many shiatsu practitioners as a diagnostic tool along with hara diagnosis.

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What is Kyo and Jitsu?

Kyo can be lightly translated as deficient/empty, while Jitsu can be loosely translated as full/excess.

The aim of shiatsu is to connect and balance the kyo and jitsu during a session.

Jitsu can be felt in the body as shoulder and neck tension or extreme emotional .

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What is the history of Shiatsu?

Originating from Japan and with the foundations of traditional chinese medicine (TCM).

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