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Jenny Gaunt

Welcome to Metta Shiatsu Raglan


Metta means loving kindness. 

It is an open, compassionate attitude which is most conducive to giving and receiving healing Shiatsu.


Each session is fully personalised and takes place on a traditional style futon and the recipient is fully clothed.


It can help:

- Alleviate pain and muscular tension

- Reduce and prevent the build up of stress

- Enhance overall physical vitality and emotional wellbeing

- Help to create connection with oneself and ones environment


After a session please feel free to take your time to integrate your session with a cup of herbal tea In the tranquil bush/stream setting.


Jenny holds a diploma in Metta Shiatsu and has been practising since 2007.

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07 825 8179 or 0212578729

​RD3 Raglan, Waikato
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