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Nicky Hartley

BA (hons) DIP ST

Nicky Hartley graduated as a Zen Shiatsu Therapist over 20 years ago having studied in India, the UK and completing her 4 years of training in Australia. She works now from a beautiful bush clinic in West Auckland.

Shiatsu gives one the sense of ‘coming back to oneself’,'reconnecting’, 'deeply relaxing’.’mmmmmmm’!

Shiatsu can be as gentle and nourishing and as deep and dynamic as is needed.

Shiatsu supports a sense of general wellbeing, helping to relieve emotional stress, digestive disorders, hormonal imbalance, asthma, grief, anxiety, depression, aches and pains throughout the body.

Ki yoga, Do-In and nutritional advice is offered to assist in the healing process and further the treatment and to empower self healing.

Working with children has shown fast and instant relief from symptoms. They are so much more open and have less layers to peel back!


Shiatsu is fantastic during pregnancy being especially great for overdue mums to get bubs on the move!


Nicky has incorporated a beautiful ritual at the end of pregnancy for the woman or couple to create their own mandala using henna on mama’s belly as well as marking the relevant points beneficial to use during labour.

09 817 8151 or 022 678 3344

10 Dorothy Road, Laingholm, ​Auckland

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