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I practice Mr Masunaga's Zen shiatsu, as learned from Maggie Blake and Sonya Moriceau. I offer shiatsu as a healing bodywork modality with mindfulness. I always ask my clients whether they prefer strong or gentle treatments and monitor the kind of treatment a person finds most beneficial. I work very softly or strongly as requested and specialise in working with trauma. I find shiatsu can be helpful for most people.

I find the five element energy model of zen shiatsu to be a wholistic life guiding model  which is also the foundation of japanese yoga that I incorperate into my own life, my healing work and teaching. Before the recession I ran a school of Zen Shiatsu in Nelson. I practice and teach mindfulness / Insight and loving kindness medtiation which i practiced during my 18 years as a Buddhist monk and my 11 years in Nelson since leaving the monastic order.

03 548 3317

027 695 9398

32 Mount Pleasant Ave

Nelson 7010

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