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Annual Weekend Workshop - 2024

The Shiatsu Association of Aotearoa NZ hosts an annual weekend workshop where we get the opportunity to meet like minded people and learn from wonderful educators who bring their Shiatsu knowledge and skills to our workshops.

These workshops are suitable for all levels: from beginners interested in learning more about Shiatsu to advanced Shiatsu Practitioners.



- 18hrs of tuition

- Accommodation

- Ayurvedic Meals

- Accommodation

- Singing and music

- Native bush walks

- Connecting and Shiatsu exchanges


Jenny Dorrington

Jenny began her journey into Oriental Therapies in 1980 with a trip to China, visiting hospitals where acupuncture and herbal medicine were used extensively.

Since that experience Jenny has continued to study shiatsu, acupuncture and related Oriental Therpies, and continues today in private practice.

Jenny is as passionate today about Shiatsu as she was over 40 years ago, when she began her journey, still enjoying running workshops, and is committed to enhancing her knowledge, skills and understanding the needs of her patients.

For 30 years Jenny was co-director of the Australian Shiatsu College, an Educator, and has travelled to Japan to study on many occasions and studied with many international teachers.


Fertility: Including conception, pregnancy, labour and postpartum treatment and care

Stretches: Opening Meridians and joints around the body

Working with the Yuan Source points on the Meridians

Feeling resonance (Ki/Qi) that comes from the connection, observation and recognition of, and to, the human being as a whole through the hands

The longevity of your practice and your relationship to shiatsu through discussion and exploration.

Please get in touch if you have any enquiries or to book your spot

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