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Hi I’m Leah Aekins. I was born in Waitara Taranaki. My tribe is Ngati Ruanui. On my Dad’s side I am Irish Scottish. I am honoured to use my gifts I was born with in my shiatsu practice.
  I graduated in 2005 after completing a 3 year diploma in Metta Shiatsu, incorporating Zen Shiatsu and Healing Shiatsu. I have also completed courses in Pregnancy and Maternity care, Energy Medicine, Reiki 1 and 2 and I use NZ Native Flower Essences to support your emotional journey.
  Shiatsu gives your body the opportunity to stop rushing, start breathing, releasing and relaxing, allowing your being to tune into what you need in a holistic approach to your vibrant health and well being. I love the way shiatsu nourishes and encourages you to release tension, anxiety and control in a safe environment.
  I am a practitioner who cares, who listens and I am aware and very intuitive. I look forward to meeting and working with you. Arohanui - Leah.

03 5481772

027 390 4040 

78a Halifax St East

The Wood, Nelson 7010

5mins walk from the CBD

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