Masters in Chinese Medicine

Diploma in Massage Therapy

For more than 20 years I have helped people make positive changes in their lives; ease their pain, improve their health, and find peace and calm through acupuncture, shiatsu and Chinese herbs. I invite you to come in and do the same. My specialties include: injury recovery; women and men's health; fertility for both men and women; and maternity care using Traditional Oriental methods. 

I also incorporate Chinese herbs and Chinese nutritional practices, as well as western nutritional supplements, to help you find relief from chronic issues, some auto immune diseases, diabetes, asthma, or acute injuries, even the common cold. I also treat babies and children.
I help couples conceive, naturally or with the help of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) by use of acupuncture, Chinese herbs and Shiatsu massage.  

I have a wide variety of skills so can give you a wide variety of options. Above all, I am caring and committed to making sure you get the very best, individually tailored treatment options.

Phone: 027 695 0724

5th Floor

Consultancy House  


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