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PhD candidate (Topic: combining Eastern & Western Health practices - AUT University
Cert Shiatsu Practitioner (ESI Europe, Heidelberg)
MHSc (Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy - AUT University
Aikido & Kenjutsu Instructor (3rd Dan Aikikai Tokyo)
PGDip Sportsphysiotheray (ZVK, Germany)
Cert. Medical exercise therapy
BHSc Physiotherapy (JWG University Clinic Frankfurt, Germany)

My approach to shiatsu is heavily influenced by my practice of Zen-meditation, which inspires a strong mindfulness approach to help you gain greater awareness and integration of your body and mind and support your self-healing abilities. Where possible and desired I also offer advice and instruction beyond the mere hands-on treatment based on my combined knowledge and experience in Eastern & Western health and movement practices

021 192 9993

130B Kitchener Road Milford 

Auckland 0620

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