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DCR(R), PG Dip Clinical U/S

Alyson studied shiatsu for 4 years in Scotland, qualifying in her MRSS (UK shiatsu society) exam in Scotland in 2003, and became a member of the shiatsu practitioners Association of Aotearoa in 2009.
  Alyson studied with the Japanese Master Akinobi Kishi who practiced his own awareness of shiatsu called ' Seiki Soho' which translates as 'treatment of life energy'. She also studied with the UK specialist Suzanne Yates, learning specific fertility and pregnancy/childbirth techniques.
  Alyson works at a modern and tranquil clinic at 31 Oxford St, Richmond, Nelson. She specialises in client's with sports/ work injury using a combination of shiatsu and indirect Moxibustion (promotes a deeply relaxing localised response with the burning of a Chinese herb), and she works with both women and men with anxiety/ stress related issues. She offers relaxing shiatsu for pregnant women, helps turn breech/posterior babies, and helps baby arrive naturally near the Due date. She also teaches couples simple techniques and acupressure points for reducing pain during childbirth.

  I am also fully qualified in Reiki, Reconnective healing, and first aid Homeopathy. I have been studying quantum awareness and psychology of the mind for the last ten years and will often work with you to find a support word or phrase that best resonates with you to assist letting go of old patterns that are no longer helpful.

03 541 0050

021 027 784 60

31 Oxford Street

Richmond, Nelson

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